10 Minute Mini Sessions


New Training Opportunity!

Considering many of us are still choosing to stay safer at home, I have decided to expand my services!  My goal is to make training sessions more accessible to parents and families short on time for exercise.  So without further ado, I now introduce 10 minute mini sessions!  Read on for answers to questions you may have.

Why Mini Sessions?

I know that a major barrier to training (and exercise in general) is not enough time.  This is especially true now for parents who are at home with their children and family all day.  As a result, it can seem unrealistic sometimes to devote even 30 minutes to exercise.  With exercise, some is better than none and 10 minutes can be enough to work towards adding more movement to your day.  So in an attempt to overcome the barrier of time, I am now offering these 10 minute mini sessions!

Who can sign up?

My main goal is to make training more accessible to busy parents and their children, however, anyone can sign up for a mini session!

What can I use my 10 minute mini sessions for?

Good question!  The goal and format of the mini session will be specific to you, but here are some ideas of how to utilize the time:

  1. A cardio and/or strength circuit for just you and/or you and your family (kids welcome!)
  2. An opportunity to receive feedback and tips on form for specific exercises
  3. A way to learn exercises that target a specific area/part of the body
  4. General exercise tips and suggestions

Like I said, the ultimate structure is dependent on your goals and personalized to you!

How much does it cost?

It only costs $5 per mini session – no contract or commitment needed!

How do I sign up?

It is easy!

Just fill out this form to request your 10 minute mini session.


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