10-Minute Videos to Create a Full Cardio Workout


On Wednesdays, I work from home

I hope you read that like Mean Girls’ “on Wednesday, we wear pink” quote.  Anyway, my point is sometimes those days get long standing in front of my computer all day.  Don’t get me wrong, I take breaks, but often times they aren’t movement breaks.  Anyone else working from may understand this feeling.  Wanting a break from work, but not in the sense of more (physical) work by exercising.  Today, I decided to break that and force myself to do six 10 minute cardio videos throughout the day.  So now I bring you 10-minute videos to create a full cardio workout!  Do any or all to add more movement to your work days!  All of them are equipment free.

10-minute full cardio workout youtube playlist


I will be honest, I have a few complaints about the format of this video.  The format was 30 seconds of each exercise then straight into the next.  Because of that, you don’t know what is next.  Not the end of the world but if you are looking to flow from one movement to the next, this one won’t work for that.  Good workout to get your heart rate up though!

10-Minute No-Equipment, At-Home Workout: PopSugar Fitness

YYEEEESSSSS!  This workout was so good!  Afterwards, I had that just got done with a successful run feeling!  The workout was challenging with enough active recovery breaks to hit each round with my full energy and motivation.  The instructor was fun and provided modifications for each exercise.


My girl (insert heart eye emoji) does not disappoint in this one.  This is my first cardio focused video of hers and she did an awesome job of telling us each exercise at the beginning and the format.  She does not provide many verbal cues or insight during the workout (probably because she was working too hard!).  That being said, you could easily do this on your own, but it is still fun to follow the video.  Especially if her pace challenges you to move faster!

10 Minute POWER CARDIO Workout: Heather Robertson

I had never heard of this trainer before, but I was excited to try a new person!  I am glad I decided to try it because it was an awesome workout!  Great music and it went straight from one to the next (30 seconds of work for each exercise).  She also had a clip of the next exercise playing in the corner so you know what is next.  I award bonus points for this!

12 Minutes to Burn Fat – Low Impact Cardio Workout: Blogilates

Time for a no-jumping apartment-friendly workout!  This was a great low impact cardio workout.  I was surprised that I worked up a bit of a sweat considering there was no jumping.  It helped that Cassey moves so fast for the exercises that it provides a good motivation to keep pace.  Definitely a good video to do if you are trying to avoid jumping for any reason – like an injury or neighbors.


I promise I had the intention of doing all different YouTubers.  However, the first video I tried did not do it for me and I had to stop after 2 minutes.  So I decided on ending my work day with this one.  Does it count since this is a no-jumping workout from her so it’s different?  This one is not as intense as her earlier one, but it is still a great workout.  I enjoyed ending my workday with this one!  You could also easily add jumping to most of the exercises to add intensity.

And that’s all!

Do one, two, three, four, five, or all six of these videos to add some movement to your WFH day!  By doing all six, you have used 10-minute videos to create a full cardio workout!

Want a more personalized 10-minute workout?

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