Blogilates’ Three Levels of Pilates Ab Workouts


In case you missed it…

Blogilates (an extremely popular fitness YouTuber) recently uploaded a series of 3 Pilates Ab Workouts.  They are broken up into levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Naturally, I decided to do all three in a row and write about it.  Which resulted in this post on Blogilates’ Three Levels of Pilates Ab Workouts!

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Let’s get started!

The first video lays the perfect foundation for starting your pilates ab journey!  Cassey is upbeat and easy to follow.  She provides many verbal cues for each exercise.  The first video starts with the basics and focuses on form and intention for a quick 15 minutes.  She uses this video to provide the most scaled down version of each exercise.  Near the end of each set, she provides the more difficult version.  It is a well made video and I personally enjoy having the music playing along with her talking!

Moving on to the next one!

This video picks up right where the first one left off in terms of difficulty level.  The format is exactly the same as the first video.  It contains the same exercises in the same order.  Each set starts on the version that we left off on in the first video.  Then it provides you with the next level of difficulty, while still focusing on form and intention.  She continues to provide a fun, upbeat environment for going through this 20 minute workout!  Spoiler: get ready for a full 5 minutes of plank work at the end.

The last hurrah!

Last, but certainly not the least amount of work, is this 30-minute advanced ab workout!  This video was the perfect challenge if you mastered the previous two.  Her intention is for you to complete the first two videos prior to moving on to this one and I agree with that.  Although, I feel like this is a video that meets my fitness abilities better than the first two, I am glad I did the others.  They provided me with helpful and meaningful reminders and cues to focus on as I did the most difficult video.  Again, this video mirrored to exercises in the first two and made them even more challenging!  It was an awesome way to end the series and I was sweating by the end.  I found it to be the perfect end to Blogilates’ Three Levels of Pilates Ab Workouts!

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