Day 28: Reflect on the Week!

Reflect on the Week

Happy Saturday! It’s time to take some time for reflection.  So today is day 28: reflect on the week!  I want you to take some time to think about the questions from the beginning of the week! A reminder on the questions! Here were the questions: Where can you start slowly increasing intensity of your […]

Day 27: Challenge Yourself to Rest

Day 27 - rest

Wait what? Yup, you read that correctly.  Today, I am discussing day 27: Challenge Yourself to Rest.  I know, I rarely ever talk about resting, but it is important!  Although this one seems easy, I do have some tips and suggestions for more fulfilling rest. No Screens, please! When I first said rest, did you […]

Day 26: Progress into Moving More

Progress into moving more

Let’s talk about how to move more Anyone who knows me personally knows how hard it is for me to stay still for more than 30 minutes at a time. I’m either getting up to refill my water, go to the bathroom, or get a snack. I get so antsy sitting still that I look […]

Day 25: What I Made For Thanksgiving

What I made for Thanksgiving!

It is an exciting day! Because I have decided to share what I cooked for Thanksgiving last week.  So welcome to day 25: what I made for Thanksgiving.  It was basically a bunch of yummy and healthy comfort food that doesn’t have to be limited to Thanksgiving day.  I will definitely be making the recipes […]

Day 24: Running Progression Plan

Running Progression Plan graphic

Tuesday again? This keeps happening.  A week goes by and then it is the same day of the week that it was 7 days ago.  Strange… Today I am going to continue to share more about progression with day 24: running progression plan.  See a sample of how to progress your running (or walking) into […]

Day 23: Learn About Overload

overload graphic

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a wonderful morning transitioning back into the week.  A reminder that the theme for this week is progression/overload.  If you haven’t looked at yesterday’s post yet, click here to check it out.  Today, I will dive into this concept a bit with day 23: learn about overload.  I will […]

Day 21: Reflect on Giving Thanks

transition into routine graphic

It’s Saturday! Which means I want you to take time to reflect on the week.  Specifically, it is day 21: reflect on giving thanks. Let’s revisit our questions from the beginning of the week. A reminder that these questions were: What are you grateful for? Why? Who are you grateful for? Why? When is the […]

Days 19/20: Dance and Challenge Yourself

Days 19/20: no plan

Happy Thanksgiving! Well, I know that it was yesterday.  In true lazy thanksgiving day fashion, I did not do anything work/exercise related.  So that’s why I am doubling up on posts today to bring you days 19/20: Dance and Challenge Yourself! Here are some awesome dance workouts to dance off your Thanksgiving feast. Or just […]

Day 18: Share the Movement Love

Share the movement love

It’s almost here! Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I know that the day before can entail prepping or just having the family around since people are off of work/school.  So today it seems fitting to have day 18: share the movement love.  Share your workout/exercising by recruiting the whole family! I promise it can be fun! This […]

Day 17: Share Thanks

share Thanks graphic

We are getting closer – To Thanksgiving that is! Seriously, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it combines two things I love: being thankful and sweet potatoes.  So to continue with the theme for this week, today is day 17: share thanks!  Tell someone in your life you are thankful for them.  Go out of your […]


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