My First Barre Experience

Let’s Head to the Barre Believe it or not, but I have never done a barre workout before!  I figured it was about time to try one out, so I went to YouTube to see what was out there!  Most of the popular barre workouts were by PopSugar Fitness so I was a little nervous […]

10-Minute Videos to Create a Full Cardio Workout

On Wednesdays, I work from home I hope you read that like Mean Girls’ “on Wednesday, we wear pink” quote.  Anyway, my point is sometimes those days get long standing in front of my computer all day.  Don’t get me wrong, I take breaks, but often times they aren’t movement breaks.  Anyone else working from […]

Blogilates’ Three Levels of Pilates Ab Workouts

In case you missed it… Blogilates (an extremely popular fitness YouTuber) recently uploaded a series of 3 Pilates Ab Workouts.  They are broken up into levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Naturally, I decided to do all three in a row and write about it.  Which resulted in this post on Blogilates’ Three Levels of Pilates […]

Resistance Band Videos for Any Level

Who else bought resistance bands when the gyms closed? Back in March when gyms and fitness studios starting closing down, one of our first priorities was to get some at-home workout equipment.  I know we were not the only ones because a lot of the equipment was sold out or on back order.  We got […]

I Did PopSugar’s Most Viewed Fitness Videos

I Tried PopSugar Fitness! This week I did PopSugar’s Most Viewed Fitness Videos!  It was an exciting time.  I’ll be honest, after a full day of work, I was not feeling extremely energetic as I started, but these workouts shifted my mood pretty significantly.  PopSugar has a ton of fitness videos so I decided the […]

Yoga with Adriene for Active Recovery

Who else needs some active recovery in their lives? Or just more activity?! Real talk: life has been extremely different the past 4 months.  Maybe you are like me and have been keeping consistent with the at-home workouts.  On the other hand, maybe you have used this time as a break for your body.  Now […]

YouTube Arm Video Reviews

Time for Some YouTube Arm Video Reviews! The stars aligned this week for me to do some upper body videos for my now regular fitness video post!  Usually, I do upper body on Monday.  Then, when it comes to Tuesday when I want to do videos, I am don’t actively seek out upper body workouts.  […]

My Go-To YouTube Ab Videos

Summer is the time for abs, right? I decided it was about time I shared my Go-To YouTube Ab Videos!  Even if your goal isn’t necessarily to get a ripped six pack, strengthening your core has other benefits. Read this article for a quick summary of said reasons. So read on if you are looking […]

Reflection on HOME – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Today marked the last day of my May fitness challenge (I know I took some days off so it spilled into June).  Anyway, for the month of May, I completed Yoga with Adriene‘s HOME – A 30 Day Yoga Journey.  So here is my Reflection on HOME – A 30 Day Yoga Journey. Logic for […]

Thigh Sculpting Video Review

It’s Leg Day! I got a message from one of my former clients last night that said this: “Help! My thighs look old. What can I do to tone them? Please, no squats or lunges”.  The ideal solution for her were some Pilates inspired exercises.  I am not a Pilates instructor so I know that […]


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