Go for a Hike – With a Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger hunt list of things to find!

Seriously, get outside! Am I the only one who feels like this summer has been insanely hot?  I am all about getting outside and enjoying nature.  I’ll admit that there have been days this summer that it has been hard due to the heat.  Now that the weather is more tolerable (and it’s almost my […]

At-Home Science Experiments Using Your Body!

I can do science using my body!

Science is cool! Did you know you can do at-home science experiments using your body?! Plus no materials needed! And no mess to clean up. So read on and learn about how cool your body is with me! Experiment 1: Finding Your Dominant Leg What to do: Stand relaxed with your feet together about hips […]

DIY Paper Dice With Exercises!

Dice with Exercises Printable

New discovery: you can make your own paper dice! For those of you who already knew this, congratulations!  If, like me, you just realized this, then you are welcome.  Naturally, I took this a step further to provide you with these DIY Paper Dice With Exercises! Access these gems here! Download and print the PDF. […]

Movement-Based Red Light Green Light

Right Light Green Light First Page

Happy Friday! I was thinking about what I could share for this week’s kid-inspired movement and this movement-based red light green light came to mind!  What kid doesn’t love a good game of red light, green light?!  Plus, it is a seamless way to include the adults in the movement fun as well.  All you […]

If This Then That Workout Game

If This Then That Workout Game Title Slide

Happy Friday! It is time again for a family-friendly Friday workout!  I had a lot of fun creating this one.  I hope you have fun doing it!  Without further ado, enjoy my ‘If This Then That’ workout game! How to Access Click here to view Google Slides Click here for printable PDF version What to […]

Indoor Obstacle Course for Exercise

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Or looking for tips on bringing your activity inside?  One of my favorite ways to promote exercise indoors with the kids I nanny is with an obstacle course,  So check out below for an indoor obstacle course for exercise! How it works Click here to view or print PDF […]

Rhyming Routine for Kids

Rhyming Routine for Kids Overview

Time for another kid-inspired exercise resource! This time, it is the form of this Rhyming Routine for Kids.  I will be honest, I was amused with myself after I created it. Suggestions for Use Click here to view Google Slide and go through as a PowerPoint Download and print each slide to have a physical […]

Family-Friendly Printable Exercise Cards


Need a break from screen time?! Everything is online now: school, work, exercises, etc.  I know I am spending much more time looking at a screen than I would like.  So I made these family-friendly printable exercise cards as a way to foster some screen-free exercise time! Just Print and Cut Out! Click here to […]

Mad Libs Inspired Workout for Kids (or Adults!)

It’s Time for a Mad Libs Inspired Workout! Add some movement to your day with this quick Mad Libs Inspired Workout for Kids (or Adults!). Here’s what you do: Copy the text below Paste into a word document Fill in the objects in parentheses Read the story and follow the directions/activities Read below: When I […]

Choose your own exercise adventure!

Anyone else remember those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books?  Well, I was inspired by those books and the features of Notion (thanks Eric for introducing me to this) and I decided to create a ‘Choose Your Own Exercise Adventure’ story.  I initially made this for one of the families I train (a mom with a […]


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