Play! Today I decided I’m going to share a lighter topic and talk about play!  I know my posts have veered towards self-development/motivational type insight so I’m hoping to bring it back to a playful vibe (no pun intended) with this topic.  The reason I thought of writing about this today is because I had […]


Consistency Happy Monday! I am going to spend the first paragraph sharing the story of my weekend (for those of you who don’t care skip to next paragraph). I worked on this project, then babysat one of the kiddos I watch for the first time in two months! It made me realize how much changes […]


Content Here we are on Friday!  Yippee!  Usually I’m not a ‘Friday feels’ type of person.  Even before quarantine, the weeks and weekends blended together since usually I would work one or more jobs on the weekend.  And now that we have been at home off of work, I still have that feeling of the […]

Learn Something New

Learn Something New It has been almost two weeks since I decided to devote myself to this project and try to build/market myself and my services.  And let me tell you, I have already learned a lot.  Way more than I thought I would in topics that I did not even know existed or needed […]


Laughter For my post today, I am going to get the most serious that I’ve been so far in this journey.  Seriously silly.  I want to use the space today to promote life, love, and the pursuit of goofballness (is it a realistic goal to try to get that word added to the next edition […]


Limits Act the way you want to feel.  That is one of my biggest personal mantras right now because I feel like it is perfect for navigating this space of personal development along with attempting to build something that I hope reaches at least some people who may find it meaningful.   With that, today […]


Drive Today is not at all my usual writing environment.  I say ‘usual’ like I’ve been doing this for more than 10 days, but in reality, it’s been not even two weeks.  For those of you who are curious, let me elaborate – it’s a little after 8 PM (prior to this, I’ve been trying […]


Flow Let’s talk about flow.  And I don’t mean the lady in the progressive commercials.  In undergrad, we discussed the concept of flow with regard to sports.  This makes sense – think of any level of sporting event.  Most of the time, I like to think that you can find at least one player who […]


People Who are your people? That’s my question as I start writing this lovely afternoon. I know that’s a vague question that sparks a handful of follow-up questions like “who are your biggest supporters?” or “who are the people that are most prevalent in your life?”.  Ideally, there is some overlap between those two follow-up […]

Being Present

Being Present Thinking of the future in the present.  It’s an oxymoron.  I love a good oxymoron.  What sparked my interest in writing about this today boils down to one thing: earbuds.  Stick with me as I go on this tangent about a personal problem: my ear canals are shallow.  Because of this, I have […]


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