Here we are on Friday!  Yippee!  Usually I’m not a ‘Friday feels’ type of person.  Even before quarantine, the weeks and weekends blended together since usually I would work one or more jobs on the weekend.  And now that we have been at home off of work, I still have that feeling of the days and weeks all blending and meshing together (hello Groundhog Day).  But, I’m a new woman!  A women who can enjoy and appreciate the weekend vibes.  I say that because in order to try to break up the quarantine and time at home, I have embraced the concept of weekends.  I allow myself to sleep in an extra hour.  I don’t do my 30 minutes of writing.  I encourage pancake and/or waffle making.  And even more surprising (at least to me), I don’t beat myself up if I go one of the days of the weekend without a formal workout.  I know, I know, I’m a loose cannon – watch out because who knows what crazy I’m going to do next!

Now that I’ve established just how much of a Type A person I am, I will move on to the knowledge dropping section of this lovely virtual space.  I know I don’t need to justify or explain myself or my logic for doing what I am to anyone, but I’m going to with regard to the content that I am posting/sharing with the world via the website and social media.  I’m sharing because I find it fascinating and maybe other people might too.  One of the tricks to having a ‘healthy’ website, I’m learning, is a good SEO score.  I haven’t fully devoted time to exploring and learning about all the nitty gritty of this yet.  From what currently understand, though, the more content you have in different spaces on the internet, the higher chance that people will stumble upon/find their way to your website.  That makes sense – an analogy to use is that the more places you physically go to, the higher chance you have of people meeting/talking to you.  So basically, if you spit out content regularly in different spaces, more people (who are potential clients/customers/patients) will find you and your services.  Hence, writing blog posts every day of the week that no one is reading, uploading videos that no one is watching, and making posts on social media that no one cares about.  Yet!

I agree with the claim that the people that do well in these kinds of spaces are the one that are consistent and stick with it.  By consistently engaging in these habits, it increases my chance of being discovered by people who would want to work with me.  And that’s what I want for myself and my new baby business.  Yes, my friends/followers on Instagram might get annoyed a bit, but they can choose to mute or unfollow me (although they shouldn’t because I’m worth keeping up with).  I guess my main point is if you feel like you have something worth saying and/or a service worth advertising, then say it.  Share it often to keep your visibility high in this virtual internet space.  Be proud and remember that you are your habits.  If you set the habit of consistently posting content, you won’t have to second guess every post, comment, or picture you upload.  Just remember to be safe and smart because there are some strange people out there trolling the internet – yes, I’m talking about you 17-year-old varsity quarterback who watches The Bachelor and is secretly obsessed with my blog.

Now seize the weekend!

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