Day 14: Make a Habit of Self-Care


Well folks, we made it to Saturday!

On this lovely weekend, I want to focus on relaxation.  So here we go with day 14: make a habit of self-care.  This means doing something meant to relax and rejuvenate you so you can show up in the world as the best version of yourself.

Ladies who do everything for everyone else, I’m talking to you!

I know how difficult it can be to say ‘no’ to your partner, children, pets, friends, etc… to take time for yourself.  But trust me, it is worth it and they notice a difference.  I will tell you a quick story to prove it!

One of my closest friends is a mother of two young children and she devotes her heart and soul to her family.  Within the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of re-sparking her exercise habit.  Once she started exercising regularly again, it was a game changer for her and her entire family.  At first, it was difficult for her to spend that extra hour away from the kids, but she soon learned that it made her feel better and act kinder towards everyone.  Including herself.  To the point that her daughter told her “mommy, you are nicer when you exercise”.

My point of this story is to remind you to take that time away from whatever commitments you usually answer to and just do something that is an outlet for you.

Where to start

Of course, exercise is always a good starting point as a way of self-care, but there are other options as well!  Personally, my exercise cup is full by the end of the week so I am working on getting myself to relax in other ways.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Take a walk by yourself.  Use it as an opportunity to think and reflect or just listen to the news or a podcast!
  2. Make a craft.  Knit, sew, make a card for someone you care about.  Maybe even just color or doodle if you don’t have the supplies to do anything else.
  3. Sip coffee or tea and read a book or catch up on a show you like.
  4. Pamper yourself!  Take a bath, paint your nails, or put on a face mask.
  5. Bake.  This one speaks for itself.

Make a habit of self-care list

Now take care of yourself today!

That’s the end of day 14: make a habit of self-care.  I encourage getting outside for a walk for at least a little bit today and then give yourself space to relax.

Want to refer back to the reflection questions from the beginning of the week?

Click here! 


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