Day 17: Share Thanks


We are getting closer –

To Thanksgiving that is! Seriously, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it combines two things I love: being thankful and sweet potatoes.  So to continue with the theme for this week, today is day 17: share thanks!  Tell someone in your life you are thankful for them.  Go out of your way to share!

By sharing thanks, I don’t mean going up to your partner or family members, saying “hey I’m thankful for you” and walking away.  I mean a true, genuine act of gratitude that leaves you both feeling on cloud 9.

share Thanks graphic

My suggestions.

Here are (COVID friendly) ways I suggest doing that:

  1. Write a heartfelt letter sharing moments and traits that you’ve never commented on before.  Read it to them then let them keep the letter.
  2. Send a video message.  Similar to the previous suggestion, put together a script of what you want to tell that person and send it to them over a video message.  Be specific and detailed with your memories and why you are thankful for him or her.
  3. Send a care package.  This one takes some advance planning, but who doesn’t like receiving a fun surprise in the mail.  Put together a letter or package with contents you know will make him or her smile.
  4. If you live with the person, do a favor for them.  Wash the dishes after dinner, take the dog out in the morning, etc… Do something they normally do that you are thankful for!  Share that you wanted to take your turn at the chore because you are so grateful that they do it all the time.

Keep smiling and share some thanks for yourself too!

Remember that you are also doing amazing, hard things.  Share thanks for yourself and your body for doing what it continues to do for you! Hurray for day 17: share thanks!

Time to move!

It’s cardio day!  Do your preferred cardio.  If you are looking for suggestions,

Try this cardio kickboxing video from PopSugar


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