Day 24: Running Progression Plan


Tuesday again?

This keeps happening.  A week goes by and then it is the same day of the week that it was 7 days ago.  Strange… Today I am going to continue to share more about progression with day 24: running progression plan.  See a sample of how to progress your running (or walking) into longer times!  This is a sample of a 8 week progression to running for an hour multiple times a week.

Running Progression Plan graphic

Here it is!

Split up by week:

  1. Two to three 15 minute runs
  2. Three to five 15 minute runs
  3. Three to five 20 minute runs
  4. Four to five 20-25 minute runs
  5. Three to four 30 minute runs
  6. Two to four 35-40 minute runs
  7. Two to three 45+ minute runs
  8. One to two 60 minute runs

Just a reminder that each ‘run’ can include walking, jogging, or a combination of both.  Listen to your body and if you need to cycle between walking and running, especially starting out then do that!  This is the best way to avoid injury by slowly progressing and backing off when you need to.

A note on nutrition

Once someone starts exercising more such as in a plan like this, it is easy to assume you need to eat SO MUCH more to refuel the calories burning.  Often times, this isn’t necessarily the case.  If you eat 1,500 calories a day, go ahead and increase, but if you eat a typical American diet of 2,000 or more calories a day, the extra running doesn’t necessarily mean you should eat half a pizza after each run.

However, the other side of it is if you do find yourself extra hungry or tired/fatigued and needing the extra food, be smart about how you fuel your body!  Focus on whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy sources of protein such as nuts or legumes/beans.

Now go get ’em tiger!

Crush your goals this Tuesday.  Thanks for reading day 24: running progression plan.

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