Day 27: Challenge Yourself to Rest


Wait what?

Yup, you read that correctly.  Today, I am discussing day 27: Challenge Yourself to Rest.  I know, I rarely ever talk about resting, but it is important!  Although this one seems easy, I do have some tips and suggestions for more fulfilling rest.

Day 27 - rest

No Screens, please!

When I first said rest, did you think about watching TV or a movie?!  Although, it is a form of rest, this is such a passive activity that it doesn’t do much for the soul.  Especially before bed, the screen can inhibit rest by disrupting your sleep.  So unless it’s family movie night and you find significant joy in cuddling up with your family for a movie, try a different activity such as reading or doing a project.

Turn off your brain too

This is something I struggle with immensely.  It is all about being present in the moment and not thinking about what you ‘could be/should be’ doing instead.  Choosing to ignore the thoughts of what you have to do next or what is coming up in the following days or weeks.  Like I said, I struggle with this one more than I’d like to admit, but it doesn’t mean I don’t try.  If you’re like me in this area, try some of the suggestions on this website.

My Suggestions for activities

Here are some suggestions for activities that you can do to try to rest your brain and body that don’t involve a screen.

  1. Make a Christmas craft
  2. Write a note/letter to someone you care about
  3. Brainstorm Christmas gifts (no googling – just sit with a pen and paper and write ideas)
  4. Bake or cook
  5. Have some tea or hot chocolate and read

Express Gratitude!

As mentioned last week, throughout the day, it is important to express gratitude.  So ultimately, be thankful for giving yourself the time and space for rest and relaxation.

That’s all for day 27: challenge yourself to rest!

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