Day 3: Love Moving Your Body


Let’s talk about how to love exercising

Or at least like it!  We are on day 3: love moving your body so I want to focus on just that!  It can be draining to force yourself to do exercises every day that you don’t enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always love moving my body, but I love the way it makes me feel.  I have also learned to find exercises that I enjoy and not put pressure on myself to do ones I don’t.

love moving your body

Example time:

I used to be miserable every time I went for a run.  I would tell myself that all the other trainers and fitness professionals run often so I should as well.  Every time I did it, it felt like a chore!  After getting more exposure to others in the fitness world, I learned that I was not alone.  Not everyone enjoyed running.

Realizing this provided me with the time and energy to explore other forms of cardio that I enjoy much more!  Now I fully enjoy biking, hiking, dancing, and boxing as much more enjoyable ways to get my heart rate up.

Get to know how you love moving your body

So now the challenge for today (because it’s cardio day) is to continue to get to know yourself by exploring exercises that get your heart rate up.  The fun part about today is that you only have to do each exercise for a little bit!  You will be surprised at how fast it goes by.

So I want you to pick 3 different forms of cardio and perform each one for 10-20 minutes each.  Here are some ideas of ones to try:

  1. Run
  2. Bike
  3. Dance
  4. Shadow Box (or real boxing!)
  5. HIIT style workout
  6. Hike
  7. Run/walk up and down stairs
  8. Play a sport!

Get started!

Take note of which exercises you enjoy most and try to do more of those next time you’re motivation to move your body is low.  Now that you’ve completed day 3: love moving your body, congratulate yourself and hydrate and fuel your body!

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