Day 4: Share


Happy Wednesday!

Today is day 4: share.  Just like the name suggests, I want you to share something with someone in your life.  You can do this in a variety of ways which I will elaborate on!  Before or after (or during) go ahead and do the strength workout at the end.  In the theme of get to know yourself: find out which way of sharing makes you most fulfilled.

Share one of these!

Share a smile!

I list this first because it is something that I often forget to do so I want to remind you to share a smile before we start!  Either with yourself or someone else or both.  I know I forget to smile at myself too often.

Share some advice

Is someone close to you working towards a goal and in a tough spot?  Share some advice and support to help them continue forward on their journey!  My advice to you is to take a moment to notice something you love about your body.  It is easy to fall victim to criticism of our own bodies.  Be kind to yourself and stop the cycle of negative thoughts by complimenting yourself!

Share some encouragement

This goes along with sharing advice.  Be a cheerleader for yourself and others!  Today while I was babysitting, the little girl was so proud of the fact that she road her bike on the sidewalk without going into the grass next to the street.  To the point that she was jumping and cheering in the kitchen because of it!  At some point, many people lose that feeling of enthusiastic pride in an accomplishment.  So share some encouragement and pride for yourself and others!

Now it’s time to work out!

Today, I want to focus on the core! I have two posts featuring some of my favorite ab videos on YouTube that you can visit. I recommend doing 20-30 minutes worth of core work as well as taking 10-15 minutes to stretch!

  1. My go-to ab videos
  2. Blogilates’ 3 levels of ab workouts

Enjoy day 4: share and keep on being awesome!

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