Day 7: Reflect on The Week


We made it to Saturday!

Welcome to day 7: reflect on the week.  Today is pretty simple.  All I want you to do is take some time to think about how this week went for you.

Get outside and reflect

Get outside while you reflect

I personally believe in the importance of getting outside every day!  So I challenge you to get outside today for at least 15 minutes.  Go for a walk.  Sip your coffee outside.  If you’re feeling good today, go for a bike ride or run even!

As you are outside, think back to the questions from the beginning of the week.  Think about them again with relation to this past week:

  1. What were your goals this week?  How effective were you at meeting them?
  2. What exercise did you like this week?
  3. What motivated you to engage in healthy habits throughout the week?
  4. Did any barriers get in your way?  What were these?

Put your answers to use

Keep your answers in mind as you set up your plan and schedule for next week.  Were you more motivated to exercise if you did it in the morning?  Great!  Plan your workout for mornings!

Are you tempted to get a donut when you stop to buy coffee in the morning?  Try making coffee at home instead.  Or go to a different coffee shop that doesn’t have donuts!

There are many ways you can use the knowledge that you gained by reflecting on the week to set yourself up for success.  All it takes is a little time to critically think about what helps and hinders your goals.  From there, you can use that knowledge to create a space and environment that is optimal for accomplishing your goals!

Congratulate yourself!

Remember to provide yourself with encouragement and cheer because you are doing awesome!

That is all for day 7: reflect on the week.  Have a great weekend!

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