Day 9: Learn About Exercise Habits


Happy Monday!

It is time for day 9: learn about exercise habits.  On Mondays, I want to focus on helping you learn about something related to the week’s theme.  So today I will be sharing simple ways to help make a exercise habit easier!

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It’s Time to Learn

I’ll start with some background information on how I got started exercising regularly.  I was in sports all throughout high school, but when I got to college I had no idea what to do to stay active.  There was no daily practice holding me accountable for movement.  No coach telling me the specific exercises to do.  This made it difficult to exercise regularly.  Eventually, I created a routine for myself that led me to be a regular exerciser since.

The first thing I did was schedule exercise into my day.

As a college student with a busy schedule, I often told myself I would go to the gym ‘if I had time’ or ‘if I got the chance’.  I did not have any accountability and as a result, I told myself I was too busy most days.  The game changer for me here was to take a look at my calendar at the beginning of the week and physically schedule going to the gym.

Recruit a workout buddy or accountability partner

This is another great way to build a habit.  If someone else is relying on you to workout, you are less likely to skip because it would require cancelling on someone.  If you prefer to workout alone or don’t have anyone to be a workout buddy, you can also find an ‘accountability partner’.  This is a person who you share your intentions of workout out with.  They then check in on you to make sure you followed through.

Take a regularly-scheduled exercise class

Taking a class has two benefits.  The first one is that it is another way of holding you accountable for exercising.  The second one is that it allows you to learn a type of exercise that you may want to continue on your own outside of the class!

Use any or all of these three tips as you start adding more movement into your life!

Now let’s move our bodies!

Today is lower body strength!  So I am linking to a previous post:

Thigh sculpting videos

Congrats on making it to the end of day 9: learn about exercise habits!

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