DIY Paper Dice With Exercises!


New discovery: you can make your own paper dice!

For those of you who already knew this, congratulations!  If, like me, you just realized this, then you are welcome.  Naturally, I took this a step further to provide you with these DIY Paper Dice With Exercises!

Dice with Exercises Printable

Access these gems here!

Download and print the PDF.

Alternatively, click here for a black copy to add your own exercises! 


  1. Print the template
  2. Fold on dotted lines
  3. Add glue to the flaps
  4. Glue each flap to the corresponding block to form a die!

The Perfect Brain Break!

When you need a movement break during the day, pick up the die and roll for a break break exercise.  Set a timer for 45 or 60 seconds.  Do as many rolls as you need until you are ready to go back to school/work.  This is helpful as schools start out doing distance learning at home!

Turn it into a competition

Take turns rolling the die.  Perform the exercise you land on for 45-60 seconds.  Remember or record each exercise you land on and perform.  The first person to do all six exercises wins!

Make up your own!

As usual, feel free to make up your own game or way to use this.  Just remember to share your game in the comments!

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