Family-Friendly Printable Exercise Cards


Need a break from screen time?!

Everything is online now: school, work, exercises, etc.  I know I am spending much more time looking at a screen than I would like.  So I made these family-friendly printable exercise cards as a way to foster some screen-free exercise time!

Just Print and Cut Out!

Click here to download the PDF

Printable Exercise Card Pic

Suggestions for Use

  1. Stack all (or some) of the cards and set a timer (anywhere from 30-60 seconds is my recommendation).  Make your way through the stack, doing each exercise for the chosen amount of time.
  2. Put all the cards in a pile.  Every 30 – 60 minutes, pick up a random card and do that exercise for a certain amount of time or number of repetitions.
  3. Hide the cards in areas around the house.  Play ‘hide-and-seek’ by trying to find all the cards.  Each time you find one, you have to do that exercise before continuing.  This can be a competition to see who can find the most!

Have fun!

No matter how you choose to use these cards, have fun moving your bodies together (or alone)!  Comment below with other suggestions for using these family-friendly printable exercise cards.

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