I Accidentally Made Dessert Hummus


Wait what?!

You read that right: I accidentally made dessert hummus.  I first heard of dessert hummus a couple of years ago when my friend shared something on it.  I had never tried it though.  Until now!

Flash back to last week

Wednesdays are my work-from-home days and they can get long.  So I have created the habit of cooking or baking during the day as a work break.  Last week, I wanted to try these Black Bean Sweet Potato Chocolate Fudge Bars.

Black Bean Sweet Potato Chocolate Fudge Bars Recipe

So I tried making them and they did not turn out as anticipated!

What went wrong?!

A couple of things happened to derail my anticipated treat.  First, the recipe called for coconut oil, but all I had was olive oil.  Second, it also called for maple syrup and we were out of pure maple syrup so I used the lite log cabin syrup we had in the fridge.  Which meant way less sweetness to overcome the bitter chocolate and salty black beans.

Lastly, the pan I used was smaller than a typical 8×8 brownie pan.  Because of this, the bars did not cook properly and ended up a bit mushy.  It was not a success!

Flash forward to yesterday

So here I am with a mushy black bean sweet potato chocolate thing hanging out in a container in my fridge not wanting to throw it away and waste food.  After meal prepping yesterday, I was putting the containers in the fridge and I took out my bars admitting that it was time to throw them away.

On a strange impulse, I decided to put it on the multi-grain chips I bought at Aldi and was surprised by the results!  It was actually good!  Which makes sense because beans + oil = hummus.

My failed fudge found its purpose!

I am so happy that my failed fudge bars that weren’t sweet enough to be dessert but not savory enough to be patties found a place in this world.  Because of my failure, I accidentally made dessert hummus!

So to make your own, I guess follow the recipe linked above and use less syrup (or lite syrup), olive oil and take it out of the oven when it is mushy.  Sounds appealing right?! 😉

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