Indoor Obstacle Course for Exercise


Stuck inside on a rainy day?

Or looking for tips on bringing your activity inside?  One of my favorite ways to promote exercise indoors with the kids I nanny is with an obstacle course,  So check out below for an indoor obstacle course for exercise!

Indoor Obstacle Course Cards

How it works

  1. Click here to view or print PDF
  2. Aquire obstacles (suggestions listed on slides)
  3. Determine order of obstacles and arrange accordingly
  4. Go through the course and have fun!

Add some competition

Adding competition is a great way to increase the intensity.  Time each round and compete against others or your previous times to go through the fastest!

Make it your own

Adjust the order for what works best with the layout of your house!  Use your own unique objects for the obstacles.  Add or remove obstacles as needed.

Did you love this indoor obstacle course for exercise?

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Want more indoor activities?

Click here to view my family friendly printable exercise cards!

What to expect next?

I want to take a bit of time to share what you can expect from posts moving forward.  My plan is to share #familyfitnessfriday posts weekly with new ideas each week.  I would love feedback and suggestions for future topics!

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