Lower Body Power Circuit That You Can Do Outside


Workout Thursday!

I know ‘workout Thursday’ doesn’t sound as catchy as ‘workout Wednesday’, but I figured I was do for a workout/fitness post so I guess we will have to deal with it.  So I am sharing this lower body power circuit that you can do outside! And all you need is a set of stairs that has at least 2 steps.

The Circuit

Find your steps and let’s do it!


Jog for 15 minutes!  I personally have a tendency to fixate on speed more than I would like when I run.  This warm-up jog should be less about pace and more about getting your body ready to do some awesome work.  So put in some headphones and turn on a favorite playlist.

Click here for my current go-to pump up song

Now Let’s Do It!

So here are the exercises with a short description of each:

  1. Stair Jumps – keeping soft bend in the knees, use power from the legs to jump up 2 stairs and land softly! Step or jump back down
  2. Step Ups – Step right leg onto the second step, drive left knee up to your chest and return to the ground.  Repeat on the other side
  3. Glute Extensions – Stand with the right leg about a foot behind the left and lift the left leg straight back and up
  4. Toe Taps – Staying light on your feet, gently touch your toe to the first step and repeat with the other foot – this should be quick!
  5. Wide Squat Hold with Heel Lifts – Step your feet out so they are wider than hips width and lower into a wide squat hold.  While holding, lift both heels up and lower them back down 10 times.
  6. Calf Raises – Standing on the ground or the first step, lift up your heels so that you are standing on your toes.  Slowly lower down

And We Run More

I hear the groans – I don’t prefer running much either but it fits here.  You can either go by time (30 seconds) or you can choose a ‘checkpoint’ (I chose the garbage cans that happened to be blocking my path 100 yards away).  Run at at least 80% max speed.  This is personalize to you so don’t worry about competing with how fast you think others would be able to go.  Run your run at this challenging pace.  Then jog back to your stair spot to rest before repeating the whole thing again!

Refuel and Re-hydrate

Smart Choices:Rehydrate,Rebuild,Refuel - YouTube

Make sure to drink plenty of water during and after the circuit.  If you are anything like me, yes you may have to go inside to pee in the middle because of all the water you are drinking.  That is okay!  Then refuel within two hours of the workout with a snack that contains healthy carbs and protein.  One of my favorites is plain greek yogurt with a banana or a low sugar, whole grain cereal.

Crush the Rest of Your Day

Whatever time of day you did the circuit, go into the rest of the day appreciating your body for doing some work for this lower body power circuit that you did outside while enjoying some fresh air!

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