Mad Libs Inspired Workout for Kids (or Adults!)


It’s Time for a Mad Libs Inspired Workout!

Add some movement to your day with this quick Mad Libs Inspired Workout for Kids (or Adults!).

MadLibs Social Skills | Paths to Transition | Perkins eLearning

Here’s what you do:

  1. Copy the text below
  2. Paste into a word document
  3. Fill in the objects in parentheses
  4. Read the story and follow the directions/activities

Read below:

When I woke up, I realized today was the day that I got to go visit my friend across town. I was so excited! During breakfast, my mom told me that I had to take (number) of steps to get to her house. After hearing that, I decided we better (type of movement/exercise) to get there and it took us (number between 60 and 90) seconds!

Once we arrived, my friend was so happy to see me that she did (number less than 50) jumping jacks! When I got inside, she showed me her new (type of transportation) toy. The toy moved on its own! We ran around the (room in your house) for two minutes chasing the toy. After, we were out of breath and drank an entire (type of container) of water!

Next, we decided to play zoo. We wanted to pretend to be different types of animals! First, we jumped up and down like a(n) (animal) for 40 seconds. Then, we crawled around on the floor like (different animal – plural) for 30 seconds. Finally, we danced like a(n) (animal different than the first two) for an entire minute – that is 60 seconds!

I had so much fun playing with my friend, (name), but it was time to go. My parents decided that we would (type of movement/exercise) to get home. This was faster – it only took us (number less than 60) seconds to get home. Once we were home, I was so hungry I felt like I could eat an entire (measurement) of (food). We decided that it was best to eat some healthy snacks, so I enjoyed a delicious plate of (fruit or vegetable in your home). What a fun morning!

Fruit And Vegetables As Key Dietary Contributors

Feedback Request!

Thank you for taking the time to participate!  I am always looking for feedback.  Comment below or email me at [email protected] with any feedback and/or suggestions!  I hope you enjoyed this Mad Libs Inspired Workout for Kids (or Adults!) 😉

If you want non-movement-based Mad Libs, they have printables on their site!

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If you are looking for another kid-friendly exercise break:

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