Movement-Based Red Light Green Light


Happy Friday!

I was thinking about what I could share for this week’s kid-inspired movement and this movement-based red light green light came to mind!  What kid doesn’t love a good game of red light, green light?!  Plus, it is a seamless way to include the adults in the movement fun as well.  All you have to do is take your turn cycling through and you get a bunch of steps in!  Bonus if your “road” is extra long.  I love the idea of using this game to do a bunch of different movements.  Maybe one day, I’ll create an adult version of this with burpees and lunges.  I won’t talk about burpees anymore for the fear of scaring you away.  Here we go!

Right Light Green Light First Page

Ways to Access

  1. Click here for printable PDF
  2. Here is the Google Slide version


  1. Print cards
  2. Cut out each ‘light’ (bonus points for laminating them!)
  3. That’s all for prep work!

How to Play

  1. Choose who is going to control the cards first.  Flip a coin or use ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.
  2. The first controller gets all the ‘lights’ and stands on one side of the room.  The other players stand on the other side of the room.  The farther away, the better (for your steps, that is)
  3. The controller holds up their choice of ‘light’.  The other players do that movement towards the controller.  Each time the light changes, the players follow the command.  The quicker the changes the more challenging it becomes to keep up!
  4. The first player to reach the controller wins that round and gets to be the next person to control the ‘lights’.
  5. Play as long or as many times as you want!
  6. Have Fun!

Let me know how much fun you had with this movement-based red light, green light game!

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