My First Barre Experience


Let’s Head to the Barre

Believe it or not, but I have never done a barre workout before!  I figured it was about time to try one out, so I went to YouTube to see what was out there!  Most of the popular barre workouts were by PopSugar Fitness so I was a little nervous at first because I find some of their videos to be a bit too much chattiness and not enough work.  Either way, read on to learn about my first barre experience!

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30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout

This was so good!  Like I said, I have never done barre before, but I loved this.  It was just the type of workout I was looking for today.  Something to get my heart rate up a little and just move.  It wasn’t anything too crazy, different, or intense.  This video specifically focused mostly on the lower body with a bit of abs, but there is nothing wrong with that!  If you are looking to add more movement to your day, but don’t know where to start or what to do, this video is perfect!  I will definitely revisit it when I’m feeling ‘stuck’ or unsure what I want to do for my workout.

10-Minute Flat-Belly Barre Workout with Jake DuPree

My abs… this one caught me off guard at first because he started right away with no introduction.  Basically, it was like “grab a ball or pillow” and before I could even get my ball, he was going!  This video had a lot of work for a short amount of time!  It was fast-paced with barely any breaks, which I loved.  This was an ideal mid-day work break to get a little bit of ab burn.  I would definitely add this to my list of go-to ab videos.

Final thoughts

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these workouts!  I’m not sure if I got an accurate picture of barre classes since it was all online and from PopSugar Fitness.  That being said, I enjoyed my first barre experience and will try a real barre class one day knowing that it is a fun mix of strengthening, toning, stretching, and cardio all bundled into one!  Feel free to share your favorite barre studios for me to check out!

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