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Who else bought resistance bands when the gyms closed?

Back in March when gyms and fitness studios starting closing down, one of our first priorities was to get some at-home workout equipment.  I know we were not the only ones because a lot of the equipment was sold out or on back order.  We got resistance bands that we love and use for pretty much every workout.  Since we got them, I have been using them to mimic exercises that I did at the gym with machines or free-weights.  So this week, I decided to look into some formal resistance band workouts.  And the result is this post on resistance band videos for any level!

Resistance Band Video Screenshot

33-Minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout – Tone Up and Get Stronger


  • Easy to follow – this makes it good for those new to resistance band exercises
  • Provides detailed instruction and cues throughout
  • Timer and progress bar were accurate and cleanly displayed


  • His enthusiasm and energy is lower than other fitness videos
  • The first set of each exercise was clunky for me because I did not know which weight/band configuration I needed yet

Full Body Resistance Band Home Workout | 20 Minute Real Time Circuit


  • Nice variation of exercises that were challenging and worked the entire body
  • Music/no talking format allowed me to just pull up the video and follow along
  • Again, easy to follow and had smooth transitions between each exercise


  • The introduction was strange; she was just standing in front of the camera and doing a voiceover.  Because of this, I did not know what to think at the beginning
  • No modifications provided for easier or harder versions

10 Minute Full Body Workout (Resistance Bands)


  • Short with no repeat exercises so has variety
  • Exercises target the whole body
  • Another good video to pull up and follow along without thinking much


  • No transitions, introduction, or closing left me uncertain of what would come next and what to expect.  This made it difficult to know which band I needed
  • Music/timer stopped and then started again in the middle of the video.  Then I think it stopped again later…
  • No cues or modifications provided

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on these resistance band videos for any level!

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