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Monday Motivation Time!

Most of us are aware of the Monday Blues cliche.  The feeling of having to drag yourself out of bed in the morning.  Taking longer to get up and going in the morning.  Maybe you didn’t get to rest as much as you wanted over the weekend.  Possibly, you rested too much.  The latter was the case for me this morning.  Last week was a long one – 50 hours of work over 6 days.  By the time I got to Sunday all I wanted to do was relax – and boy, did I relax.  As a result, I did not sleep as well – which meant this morning, it took me some extra oomph to get going.  This is not the first time this has happened to me and it will not be the last.  I know I am not alone in this – so I am sharing my hack to shake off those lethargic morning vibes to start your week strong!  All you have to do is spend 30 minutes today to do this:

Clean or declutter a high-use space in your home

Spend 30 minutes today to do this graphic

If you have been exposed to Gretchen Rubin at all, you will know that she strongly believes in outer order contributing to inner calm.  She even wrote a book about it!

Here is my anecdotal story for how this shifted the tone of my day:

Like I shared earlier, I was not feeling it this morning.  I knew this week is going to be another busy one and I was determined to start my week off strong.  So I washed off the yuckiness, put on my big girl shorts, and spent less than 30 minutes on chores that I did not want to do.  I cleaned my mirrors – which hasn’t been done all year – vacuumed the floors, and put away any out of place items.

I know this is easier to do in a one-bedroom apartment versus a normal-sized house.  I’m not saying you should clean your entire house.  All I am saying is pick one area or task and just do it!  If you will be in the kitchen a lot this week, make sure all the dishes are put away.  If today requires you to be in your office, then de-clutter your desk.  You get the idea.  Do something to take control and ownership over your space.  This allows you to take control of your day, leading to a strong start to your week.  Then keep that momentum going!

Now go!  It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes, even 10 minutes is better than nothing.  The point is to do something you may not want to do, but you know will foster a positive and motivated day.

Seriously, spend 30 minutes today to do this!

If nothing else, you now have an area of the house that is tidier than it was before.  So what do you have to lose?

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