Tips for Contributing Your Voice to the Narrative


Let’s talk about using your voice.

During my walk today, I was listening to this week’s Next90 episode and it inspired me to share some tips on contributing your voice to the narrative.  If you don’t know what that is, The Hollis Co has been providing content for the past 12 weeks with information focusing on different aspects of life.

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This week’s topic: Mental Health

“Every single thing that I’m ever going to have in my life is going to only be as good as my mental and emotional health”  -Stacey Flowers

Stacey Flowers provided her insight into mental and emotional health.  She shared practical tips on addressing what she calls the three levels of mental health foundation.  According to Stacey, these are your:

  1. Head
  2. Heart
  3. Hands

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Your Head

I want to focus on your head for this post (I may come back to the others for another post, but no promises on this one).  The reason I want to focus on this one is because I found her approach meaningful and relevant given the current climate.  Stacey talks about how when we consume information, we must digest this content in order to turn it into knowledge.  Only then can the knowledge become wisdom.  Want to know her suggestion for this?

Contribute 3 pieces of information for every 1 piece of content you consume.

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Share More

Take a moment to re-read that statement: contribute 3 pieces of information for every 1 piece of content you consume.  This requires some reflection.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. How much content are you consuming? Think books, TV, news, social media, etc…
  2. Are you sharing just as much if not more?
  3. In terms of your sharing, are you adding your voice or simply spitting back out what others have said? (I admittedly, do the latter more than I want to admit)

Tips for contributing your voice to the narrative

Now that you have taken some time to reflect on those questions, I will provide you with some practical and simple ways you can contribute content in order to turn that information to knowledge and confidently be able to drop some wisdom on the world.

  1. Sharing on social media – remember to add your voice, no matter how small, rather than just re-share (I will try to be better about this one too!)
  2. Journal to write down your thoughts on what you consumed – this is a way to share your opinion in a no-judgement space
  3. Show and discuss what you consumed with your friends, family, etc… – start a conversation around the topic.
  4. Comment on content that allows you to do so – please be kind and open to others!

In the spirit of contributing your voice, add your comments below!

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