Week 1 Start: Get to Know Yourself


Welcome to week 1!

I decided to do a ‘6 weeks of wellness’ series in order to give me some direction for the closing out of the year.  So here’s how it will work: each week, I will focus on a ‘theme’.  Within the week, each day will have it’s own intention.  Each day will contain a workout/exercise and a resource.  Today is the Week 1 Start: Get to Know Yourself.

Assess these questions

So let’s dive in.

The theme for this week is get to know yourself.

You will get to know yourself by think about questions to explore this.  Such as:

  1. What are your goals?
  2. What exercise do you like?
  3. List your motivators for engaging in healthy habits?
  4. What are some barriers?

Think about how you can use this information to set yourself up for success.  You can do this throughout the week by taking note of your favorite exercises, healthy foods, etc…

That brings us to the intention for today: ‘assess’.

Assess Definition

In order to do this, critically think about and answer the questions above.

Click here for a printable PDF worksheet.

Before, after, or during this reflection, you can:

  1. Watch and follow along to this yoga video.
  2. Stretch or do a low impact exercise on your own.
  3. Go for a walk.

All done? Great!

What’s next you ask?  Keep your answers to the questions somewhere safe!

Feel free to share on social media using the hashtag: #6weeksofwellness and tag @emiliaskye13

You made it through the Week 1 Start: Get to Know Yourself.  Come back tomorrow for Day 2!

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