Week 4: Progression and Overload


Happy Sunday!

And with this Sunday comes the start of another week.  Can anyone else believe that it is already the end of November?  Today is the start of week 4: progression and overload.  Did you take it easy last week for the holiday and are ready to increase your training again? Or maybe you just started your fitness journey and your 4 weeks in looking to add more to your workouts.  Either way, focusing on the concept of progression/overload is for you!

Progress quote

Time to answer some questions!

Here are the questions that I want you to answer before starting this week.

Click here for PDF version

  1. Where can you start slowly increasing intensity of your workouts? I.e. reps, time, weight
  2. Have you started increasing your amount of veggies? If not, slowly start increasing these as well!

Again, throughout the week, also take note and think about:

  1. What about other habits such as screen time before bed? Start slowly decreasing this for better sleep!
  2. What barriers come up during this week?

Time to move your body!

Just like every week, I suggest doing yoga or a similar low impact workout today to gear up for the week.

If you are looking for a place to start:

Here are my recommended Yoga With Adriene videos for active recovery

All done? Great!

What’s next you ask?  Keep your answers to the questions somewhere safe to refer back to.

Feel free to share on social media using the hashtag: #6weeksofwellness and tag @emiliaskye13

You made it through the first day of week 4: progression and overload.  Come back tomorrow as for a strength workout and resources to learn more about what this means and how you can use it!

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