YouTube Arm Video Reviews


Time for Some YouTube Arm Video Reviews!

The stars aligned this week for me to do some upper body videos for my now regular fitness video post!  Usually, I do upper body on Monday.  Then, when it comes to Tuesday when I want to do videos, I am don’t actively seek out upper body workouts.  However, this Monday I went for a long bike ride which meant Tuesday I could do an arm workout!  Read on for my YouTube Arm Video reviews.  FYI: none of the videos use equipment!

Intense No Equipment Upper Body Workout – At Home Upper Body Strength Without Weights

This video was created by FitnessBlender, a couple who regularly post and share a wide variety of exercise videos.  I have done videos from them before and I’ll be honest, I am not a huge fan of the energy level throughout the workout.  This video followed that lower energy, lacking the upbeat vibe that some of the other fitness videos have.  Despite that, however, my arms were feeling it after the first exercise.  The video has a ton of push-up variations – many of them I haven’t done before.  Because my body was not trained for these variations, I had to do the majority of them on my knees.  I’m also terrible at push-ups in general so that is probably part of the reason too.  I was still feeling the burn though and by the end of the 18 minutes, I definitely felt like I got a solid arm workout in!

10 MIN Toned Arms Workout (At Home No Equipment)

This video contained 10 exercises total – each one lasting 1 minute.  My overall thoughts was that this video was really good!  I love this girl and she never disappoints – this was no exception.  The video had a handful of new exercises that I had never done before, which I enjoyed.  I definitely felt the work after one set.  You could easily repeat the exercises one or two more times for a 20- or 30- minute routine.  I highly recommend this video and it showed me that I need to practice that low push-up hold!

Intense At Home Upper Body Workout (No Equipment)

You caught me, this video is the same girl as the previous one.  I was almost not going to do it because I assumed it would be repeat exercises.  Plus my arms were already sore from the first two videos.  After scanning the video, though, I saw that she had even more new exercises!  I liked this one because it had a mix of 1 minute and 30 second rounds.  The only aspect of the video that I was unsure about was the lack of transition time between the exercises.  A couple of times, I wondered if I was slacking because I didn’t start the round right away since I needed to watch her demonstration.  I got over that, though and decided it wasn’t a big deal.  Overall, I thought this video was the best of all three.  It was a great length (15 minutes) and had a fun variety of exercises.  The last 2 and a half minute finisher was perfect and my arms were kaput after.

Final Thoughts

These videos were outside my usual wheelhouse.  I usually use weights for upper body workouts so a lot of these exercises were new for me.  It was a good reminder of how my arms are trained for their usual exercises and struggle to venture outside of that.  All the videos were good stand-alone workouts and combining them yields a solid 45 minutes!

I hope you enjoyed my YouTube Arm Video Reviews – feel free to comment on your thoughts on any of the videos.  Also share your suggestions on other videos you want me to review!

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