Day 28: Reflect on the Week!


Happy Saturday!

It’s time to take some time for reflection.  So today is day 28: reflect on the week!  I want you to take some time to think about the questions from the beginning of the week!

Reflect on the Week

A reminder on the questions!

Here were the questions:

  1. Where can you start slowly increasing intensity of your workouts? I.e. reps, time, weight
  2. Have you started increasing your amount of veggies? If not, slowly start increasing these as well!
  3. What about other habits such as screen time before bed? Start slowly decreasing this for better sleep!
  4. What barriers come up during this week?

Other areas to reflect on

I also want you think about some of the questions from the very beginning of the six weeks.  A reminder that these are:

  1. What are your goals?
  2. What exercise do you like?
  3. List your motivators for engaging in healthy habits?
  4. What are some barriers?

Use this time to think about how these have changed so far.  Check in with how you have been meeting your goals and reflect on what you still have to do to reach those goals!

Do you still like the same exercises you did at the beginning or do you need to switch it up?  Are you surprised by any exercises you like that you thought you didn’t?

How have the motivators and barriers changed since starting your journey?  Have you adapted to these?  If not, reflect on how you can adjust so that you address the new barriers that have come up.  For example, if the extra holiday candy and sweets in the grocery stores are a new barrier for you, try a new route in the grocery store that avoids these areas!  Or at least visit them last when you already have a full cart.

Get your body moving today!

Go for a walk, do some yoga or stretching, maybe go for a hike or bike ride!  Thanks for taking time for day 28: reflect on the week!

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