Days 19/20: Dance and Challenge Yourself


Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I know that it was yesterday.  In true lazy thanksgiving day fashion, I did not do anything work/exercise related.  So that’s why I am doubling up on posts today to bring you days 19/20: Dance and Challenge Yourself!

Here are some awesome dance workouts to dance off your Thanksgiving feast.

Or just have some fun!  Include the family!  I know that one of my favorite activities to do with my sister and friends was to play Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution.

Check out these YouTube dance workouts

Enjoy yourself and have some fun!  Don’t take it too seriously and be grateful that you took the time to move your body!

Don’t forget to challenge yourself!

You can have fun and challenge yourself at the same time!  Like I said, enjoy yourself as you move your body today, but also give yourself a challenge.   Here are some ways to challenge yourself/your body today:

  • Dance to ONE more song after your workout
  • Do ONE more set of squats/burpees/your exercise of choice
  • Eat ONE less piece of cake and ONE more vegetable

Rest and Relax!

In the hustle bustle of this year, don’t forget to spend some time relaxing.  I personally have such a difficult time giving myself permission to relax and committing to full relaxation.  That’s why I spent my Thanksgiving allowing myself to relax and not answer to any responsibilities.

If this is also difficult for you, I have found what works for me (most of the time) is to give myself permission.  If I give myself permission in advance and tell myself it is okay and needed, it allows me to relax more.  Sure, the thoughts/anxieties of all the things I ‘should/could’ be doing come up, but it makes it easier to pass them away.  My mom told me to tell myself this:

The plan is to have no plan

Days 19/20: no plan

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend without worry!

Be thankful and tell your loved ones how much you care about them.  That’s the end of days 19/20: dance and challenge yourself.  Be back tomorrow!

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