I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today to tell the truth.  But as the hour came to 7 PM and I am still waiting to do a workout with Eric (he is on a phone call right now), I have to remind myself to have grace and not be too upset over the fact that is late in the evening and I have not done anything related to training or this project today.  Seriously, I was supposed to have a training session at 4:30 but I had to move it then I was supposed to have a virtual class at 6 PM, but it got cancelled.  In this scenario, past me would have been unnecessarily stressed and slightly bitter at Eric for changing the plans so last minute.

Initially going into this situation, that is where my mind wanted to go, but I reminded myself of the trade-offs I made to be in this situation.  First, I had to reschedule my training session this afternoon because I had to stay longer to babysit Lily – which I was happy to do because she is an amazing kiddo and being with her is always so much fun.  Second, because my class was cancelled I was able to eat a giant salad for dinner and go to the grocery store to get much needed produce for the rest of the week.  And finally, I am waiting to do my workout until later because it means that I get to workout with Eric instead of by myself, which is something I value and enjoy doing.

This is the mindset shift that helps me stay grounded and feel in control in situations like this when I would have previously been obsessively worrying about if it is okay that the plans changed.  Yes, it is okay!  Just because the day hasn’t gone exactly as I had intended or planned, it still has meaning and it is not the end of the world that things have changed.

I honestly don’t really have much else to say besides that.  My main point is to stress the importance of understanding that when plans change, being flexible and focusing on the meaning behind the trade-offs that led to the change is what helps me find grace and not lose my cool.  And honestly, now I’m just kind of stalling until Eric gets off the phone – hopefully soon because I do want to work out – so I apologize that this post lost its quality pretty early on.  I guess I should end it before I dig myself in too big of a hole so peace be with you and don’t stress when plans change in order to accommodate meaningful activities.

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