Learning Styles


Learning Styles

I’m back! And I’m excited to write today because I get to prove that I keep my promises.  If you don’t understand my reference, refer back to yesterday when I promised to not start off in third-person for every post.  Three posts in and I’ve already proved my credibility as a professional. Boo-ya!

Now that I’ve established that, I want to focus this space today on learning styles.  The reason I thought of this was because I started making my website this morning and was initially referencing YouTube videos outlining how to use the Elementor tools to build web pages.  Well, after the first two minute video I questioned why I was watching these videos.  The reason for my questioning was because I know that’s not how I learn.  For some people, watching a tutorial video does wonders!  I’ll admit they sometimes help me out too if I’m looking for more information on how to do a very specific task.  But for broad, general projects, I much prefer either referencing a written document or just diving in and learning it myself.

That is the learning style that works best for me personally.  I wanted to bring up this topic because in the off-chance that ‘Scenario 3’ occurs (refer back to my first post for a reminder of what ‘Scenario 3’ is), others may read this.  And if not, it is still a good reminder for myself.

When I was growing up, I was not exposed to the idea that everyone has an individualized preference for how they prefer to learn information, skills, or ideas.  In undergrad and then more in grad school, I was exposed to this idea, specifically in the space of physical activity.  However, it is relevant to most spaces.

I think the practicality of knowing your learning style holds enormous weight in ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable learning something new.  Also, from personal experience, I am going to be bold enough to say that it can help ease tension in relationships.  Here’s my anecdotal evidence to support this: when my fiance (bless his heart) tried to teach me ice skating tricks early in our relationship, I was so rude to him.  As he continued to try to teach me, I realized that my learning style and his teaching style were not meshing.  After realizing that, I can now feel more comfortable advocating for myself when I am learning something new.

Discovering and honing in on how I learn best has been huge for me personally and in each life and work experience that I have tackled in my relatively short and arguably unsuccessful (depending on how you define success) adult life.  Ultimately, this is my piece of advice: know your learning style, own it, be confident about it, and advocate for yourself (within reason – don’t be rude about it, please).

Side note: you know how earlier I proved that I keep my promises?! Yeah, that was noble of me, I know.  Well, I promise one of the days this week I will write about the ‘others’ theme that I decided to change last minute yesterday.  And with that, I bid you adieu!

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