Day 13: Challenge Yourself To 20 Minutes


Happy Friday!

I am ending the week with day 13: challenge yourself to 20 minutes.  20 minutes of what you ask?  I encourage you to exercise for 20 minutes (minimum), but it can also be more than that!

Challenge yourself graphic

Ways to Meet This Challenge

20 minutes isn’t that long right?  It is the amount of time to take a shower.  Or eat lunch.  Not long at all!  Below I’m going to list ways to use this amount of time to challenge yourself.

  1. As stated above: exercise!  Even a 20-minute walk has big benefits.
  2. Give yourself 20 minutes between eating a meal and reaching for dessert.  Use this time to transition into the next part of your day.  If you still feel a craving for dessert and it’s worth the effort to go back into the kitchen and get it, then go for it!  In moderation of course.  However, if the feeling has passed after 20 minutes, then continue on with your day!
  3. Clean or declutter part of your home.  I wrote a longer post about this earlier in the year that you can read here!  The point of this is to do something you may not want to do, but you know will foster a positive and motivated day.
  4. Do something that is good for your soul.  I often find that sometimes it is difficult to take initiative sit down to read sometimes or do other acts of self-care that leave me feeling refreshed.  If you have a busy lifestyle, setting aside just 20 minutes to do this can be tricky.  But in the end, it is worth it!  So spend 20 minutes reading, taking a bath, painting your nails, etc… Or even spending 20 minutes of non-screen time with your family.

Can you spare an hour today?

Then guess what!  You can do all four of the suggestions in one day!

Take it farther!

In the spirit of habits, remember that it isn’t just about what you do today, it is about what you do consistently.  So take these suggestions into other days in the weeks to come.

Move your body!

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I want you to exercise today!

Here’s a 20 minute ab sculpting Pilates video.

Beware, that it is old and cheesy, but I still like it!

Thank you for completing day 13: challenge yourself to 20 minutes.

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