Learn Something New


Learn Something New

It has been almost two weeks since I decided to devote myself to this project and try to build/market myself and my services.  And let me tell you, I have already learned a lot.  Way more than I thought I would in topics that I did not even know existed or needed to be on my radar.  For starters, I plan to spend a good chunk of tonight learning about Google Analytics and how to best use it to drive traffic to my site.  I’ll be honest with you, I’m kind of excited about it in a nerdy type of way.  This is not at all related to personal training and exercise, but it is relevant to learn to get me to where I want to be.


Throughout the past two years, every job I’ve had has given me a new experience and/or taught me something valuable.  Up until now, though, all of this has been in the role of an employee and there is only so much you can learn in that space.  This project is providing me with experiences related to a business.  If you’ve read my first post, you’ll know that my business experience is limited to an online community college class.  That class provided me with some valuable textbook knowledge.  But this project has given me the applied knowledge that I haven’t previously had.  And it is extremely freeing.  I can learn about an infinite amount of topics related to starting a company, training online, building your brand, etc…


There are so many rabbit holes to go down.  Photoshop, video editors, website design… And why not go down them?  Now is the time!  Starting out, I’m not seeing as many clients yet so actually training people is not taking up a large chunk of my time.  So why not explore as many topics as I can and become an ‘overnight expert’ in areas that are relevant to setting up a business?  I can tell you from past experiences, I am sure as heck not going to have the desire to or interest in exploring all this down the line with I’m busy with other priorities.  So since I have the time, energy, and motivation now, I’m going to do it!


I think that this idea can be applied to other areas of life as well.  Let’s take exercise for a [fitting] example.  Say you just entered a new phase in your life.  Maybe you moved, are about to start a new job, or just had a baby (or a combination of those).  You decide that now is the time to start exercising but don’t know where to start.  That is the perfect time to try a little bit of everything and anything!  Try a spinning class, work with a trainer, try different machines and types of exercise.  Now, as you start out, is the time to explore a little bit of everything.  Because as you get settled into this new phase, other areas of life might get busy.  And I can guess that most people are not going to want to work up the motivation to try a new class when their baby is now running around the house getting into everything or their new job has them working on a tight deadline.


If you are taking the motivation to try and learn something new, might as well try as many new things as you can until you find what works best for you.  Especially when it comes to exercise.  I strongly believe that everyone has a type of exercise/physical activity that is enjoyable for them, it’s just a matter of finding what that is.  This ties back to my tangent on learning about new topics on the business end.  Go down different rabbit holes of physical activity.  Explore what works for your body, mind, and spirit.  And if, like me, you are just starting out building your brand or delving into some sort of passion project, don’t be afraid to get sidetracked by topics and areas that may seem random, but actually have relevance.  If they tie back to your goals and mission in any way, learn about them early on while you have the time, motivation, and are able to absorb new information with eager eyes.

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