The Best Running Attire


Hint: It is not what you think!

A bit of background information: in case you have not figured it out yet, physical activity is a big part of my life.  I have always been an active person.  Playing outside and running around as a kid turned to sports in school, which then led to outdoor activity and strength training as an adult.  Throughout my teenage years and into my adulthood so far, I have never considered myself an avid runner.  And I still don’t.  I run occasionally when the mood presents itself – usually one to two times a week.  As a semi-regular runner and a personal trainer, I am here to share my thoughts on the best running attire.

It doesn’t matter!

Did I fool you into thinking this was going to be some sponsered promotion intended to get you to spend money on clothes you may not necessarily need?  Sorry to disappoint if you were looking forward to the excuse to spend money.  If you are picky about what you wear when you run (or exercise in general) and buying a specific clothing item will help you do it more, then by all means – buy away!  My point is that it does not take any fancy outfits or equipment to run.

But won’t people judge me?

Maybe they will.  Or maybe they won’t even notice or care!  It is possible that they will admire the fact that you are moving your body despite not wearing fancy running clothes.

I’m sure I sparked some judgement when I was running around Pittsburgh in glorified pajamas.  But I don’t care because I will probably never see those people again.  On top of that, they probably won’t even think about it again.  The important thing is that I am doing it!

My Running Attire

Now go!

If the fear of being judged for not wearing the ‘correct’ outfit is keeping you from exercising in any capacity, I hope you can let go of that.  Put on whatever is comfortable for you to move in and start!  And that, in my opinion, is the absolute best running attire!

Not sure how to start?

Check out my resources page for routines


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