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It’s Leg Day!

I got a message from one of my former clients last night that said this: “Help! My thighs look old. What can I do to tone them? Please, no squats or lunges”.  The ideal solution for her were some Pilates inspired exercises.  I am not a Pilates instructor so I know that this is not my wheelhouse – which led me to YouTube.  There are a bunch of thigh sculpting Pilates videos on YouTube.  I found a handful of them and did them all in a row and wrote my thoughts/reviews on each.  The overall workout of them all together felt satisfying and challenging so if you have the 75 minutes to commit to it, I support that! Below you will find my thigh sculpting video review:

Pilates Butt & Thigh Workout – Boho Beautiful – 22 minutes:

I thought this was a great workout – and when I say great workout, I mean the exercises themselves were good and I could feel them where I was supposed to.  I found that I personally did not enjoy the instructor in terms of the format (doing a voice over in the video vs. saying it live as she does it) and I will admit, I found her slightly annoying.  However, I was able to focus on the exercises and just when I was starting to lose my patience with her, it was over.  I got a good outer thigh/glute burn going which felt nice.  I would have like more hamstring and quad work, but for no squats or lunges, beggars can’t be choosers.

15 Min Dancer Thigh Sculpt Workout – MadFit – 15 minutes:

I liked this girl much better – she was calm and her instruction was clear.  Try not to get distracted or intimidated by how ripped she is because the video was not as challenging as some of the other ones.  I’ll be honest, I did not feel as much of a burn as the first video so I wish she would have done a third set and/or minimize rests in between the sets.  There is one squat variation in this video, but it goes by quickly.

15 min DANCER THIGH SCULPT Workout (Toned Glutes, Inner & Outer ...

12 Minutes to Toned Thighs Workout – Blogilates – 12 minutes:

At first, I was not enjoying the instructor – I found her style too peppy for me personally.  However, by the end I was chuckling at some of the things she said and the quality of the workout definitely makes up for any annoyance I had with her.  I worked up some heat with this one and the balance training from the exercises was a fun bonus.  Plus, I felt like a ballerina during the first half.  This one also has a squat variation, which was pretty challenging, but worth it in my opinion!

10 Minute Beautiful Thigh Sculpt Pilates Workout  – Blogilates – 10 minutes:

This video was amazing – the isolated exercises targeting the inner thighs left me with a satisfying burn the entire time.  At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t know if I was testing my patience too much by doing another video by the same girl, but that didn’t matter when my inner thighs were burning 1 minute in.  In terms of stand alone videos, this one was probably the best for a quick workout that left me feeling like I challenged myself.  If you get nothing else from this thigh sculpting video review post, keep this video saved for later!

Inner & Outer Thigh at Home Workout – MadFit – 10 minutes:

I was disappointed by this one because it was the girl I liked from the earlier video.  I felt like I didn’t get a solid workout in during this video – it was easy to get through and not much of a challenge so I think this one would need to be supplemented with other exercises or videos.  The flow was a bit off, which left me feeling like I’d probably get more satisfaction out of doing all the exercises on my own rather than following along with the video.  Plus, this one did have two squat variations.

5 Minute Outer Thigh Workout – Love Sweat Fitness – 5 minutes:

This video was fun and easy to follow.  I found the instructor pleasant and the set up of the video was clean and easy to follow which I liked.  The only pressing critique is that I wish she had a timer somewhere on the video.  This is one I would recommend to do during a work break or commercial break while watching TV.

3-Minute Thigh Sculpting Workout – Blogilates – 3 minutes:

This video was really good for how short it was.  I was able to start to feel the work in my quads and a bit in my lower abs.  Plus this video had all different exercises than the other videos which I liked.  Since it was so short, this is probably one that I would repeat 3 or 4 times worked in during my leg workout or even randomly throughout the day.

You made it!

So there you have it! My thoughts and opinions on each of the videos I found organized into a thigh sculpting video review.  I’m always open for recommendations.  I also know that my preferences for instruction style are different than other peoples, so you may like some of the instructors I wasn’t too fond of and that is okay!

If you want exercises you can do on your own,

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