My Go-To YouTube Ab Videos


Summer is the time for abs, right?

I decided it was about time I shared my Go-To YouTube Ab Videos!  Even if your goal isn’t necessarily to get a ripped six pack, strengthening your core has other benefits.

Read this article for a quick summary of said reasons.

So read on if you are looking to build strength, definition, or just feel the burn in their stomach and work up a sweat!  I list the videos in order of longest to shortest.

45 Min Yoga for Abs & Core – GymRa

This video is challenging.  Along with the core work, it also includes quite a bit of upper body work.  My advice for this one is to stick with it, breathe through it, and do what you can.  Don’t be afraid to take rests as needed.  This is one that it took me multiple times of doing before I could make it through the entire video without resting.

30 Min Ab Workout – GymRa

This is another one that was insanely hard when I first discovered it in grad school.  Slowly and surely, it got easier and two years later, I still love it!  The instructor includes an amazing mix of exercising targeting different areas of the core.  I love how she throws in child’s pose or other active recovery exercises throughout.  Some of the exercises and flows get pretty challenging so again, just breathe and modify as needed.  She offers great modifications so no need to feel ashamed for using them!

20 Min Total Core/Ab Workout – MadFit

Yes! An ab video from my crazy ripped girl! If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out my thigh-sculpting video review .  I loved this video because the instruction was clear and thorough.  It goes by quickly and has an ideal mix of challenging exercises with easier ones cycled in.  She uses exercises that involved a fun combination of moves that I had never done before.  The video includes the same 10 exercises repeated twice, so if you are short on time, you can easily just go through once for a 10 minute workout!

10 Minute Ab Justin Bieber VS Justin Timberlake – The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade

I discovered this video in March at the beginning of quarantine and it still does not disappoint.  It is non-stop movement/work for the entire 10 minutes, which I find challenging.  I always work up a sweat when I do this one.  It is great as a quick way to add 10 minutes of activity into your day.  I also love it as a finisher at the end of a workout.  Either way, it is a great video choreographed to fun music!

5-Minute Lower-Abs and Obliques Workout – POPSUGAR Fitness

I’ll admit, usually I’m not a fan of the POPSUGAR Fitness workouts, but this one is pretty good in the sense that it is quick and easy to follow.  I like this video as an addition to my morning stretch routine.  It would also be a great video to do as a quick work break in the middle of the day!  The exercises are ones that are easy to follow so if you’re not crazy about the video itself, you can easily just set a timer and do the exercises yourself.

There you have it – My Go-To YouTube Ab Videos!

Feel free to share if you did any and/or other videos you like in the comments!

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