Rhyming Routine for Kids


Time for another kid-inspired exercise resource!

This time, it is the form of this Rhyming Routine for Kids.  I will be honest, I was amused with myself after I created it.

Rhyming Routine for Kids Overview

Suggestions for Use

  1. Click here to view Google Slide and go through as a PowerPoint
  2. Download and print each slide to have a physical copy
  3. Do the bolded exercise on each page for a certain amount of time or number of reps
  4. Create your own exercise rhymes!

Feedback Welcome!

I hope you enjoy this week’s kid-inspired exercise resource.  I love making these and enjoy the positive feedback I am getting.  Feel free to share your thoughts and any suggestions.  Also share any rhymes you create for others to enjoy!

I am curious to know how others feel about the simple, black-and-white format of this resource.  I thought about adding color/making it more lively.  However, I want to ensure that the printable is accessible to those that may only have a black-and-white printer.  I’m happy to hear feedback and thoughts on this decision.  Thank you for reading the Rhyming Routine for Kids.

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