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6 Weeks of Wellness

Day 2: Learn

Let’s Learn Together Today is day 2: learn.  Today I want to continue the theme of getting to know yourself by helping you learn something

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Exercise Video Reviews

My First Barre Experience

Let’s Head to the Barre Believe it or not, but I have never done a barre workout before!  I figured it was about time to

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my new daily mantra graphic
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My New Daily Mantra

I Can Do Hard Things This phrase came up a couple of times last week for me.  It initially popped up as an empowering statement

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Train Smarter Word Art Graphic
Tips and Motivation

Training Smarter for Better Results

You’ve probably heard practice makes perfect I am taking that idea a step further to talk about intentional practice.  In the exercise science literature, this

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Dice with Exercises Printable
Family Fitness

DIY Paper Dice With Exercises!

New discovery: you can make your own paper dice! For those of you who already knew this, congratulations!  If, like me, you just realized this,

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